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How do I apply for a police officer position with Brimfield PD?

We hire applicants in one of two ways, Entry-Level and Lateral. Entry-level applicants are NOT required to have OPOTA certification and may be hired and sent through Academy training by our agency. Entry-level applicants may also be currently enrolled in, or previously graduated from an open enrollment Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy and are now seeking a commission with a police department. All Entry-Level applicants must complete testing through National Testing Network, send your score to our department, and submit a Brimfield Township Police Department Employment Application to our department. Lateral applicants currently serving as a police officer with another agency are not required to complete online testing through National Testing Network and undergo an expedited process.

When we are hiring, we will review the applicants on file and if selected, you will be contacted to submit a comprehensive follow-up background investigation package. Additional phases of our process include interviews, polygraph, psychological examination, and medical/drug screen.

Please click on the Employment link of our website for complete information on testing and application for both Entry-Level and Lateral applicants.


How do I get my car out of impound?
Brimfield Police tows are done by Phil’s Towing, 471 Geneva Ave., Tallmadge, OH. 44278. Phone: (330) 935-2210. Their normal office hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday, and 8:00am-1:00pm on Saturdays, excluding holidays.
In certain cases, there may be a “hold” on your vehicle that you must satisfy at the Brimfield Police Department in order to obtain the vehicle release.
The owner of the vehicle must be present, or, you must provide a notarized letter from the owner providing permission for someone other than the owner to pick up the vehicle.



How can I report a traffic related problem in my neighborhood?

Please call the police department’s non-emergency number at 330-673-7716 and report the circumstances.

Please provide basic information about the problem and when it occurs. The information will be forwarded to the appropriate Patrol shift for follow-up as call for service needs allow.

I just received a traffic citation. How do I pay that?

Payment for traffic citations is made through the Kent Municipal Court, not at the Brimfield Police Department.  The court can be contacted by phone at 330-678-9100.  Additionally, traffic citations that are eligible for waiver by mail may also be paid online through the Portage County courts web site.  Go to and click the link for “pay court costs and fines”

If I call the Brimfield Police for a record check, what will you do?

Upon request, we will check our local records for any reports.  Such record checks are done within records maintained by the Brimfield Police Department only, and do not involve records which may be on file with other agencies or the courts.

A search of all court records within Portage County may be completed at  Click on the link for “court links.”

I have a complaint regarding a BPD Officer. What should I do?

The Brimfield Police Department takes pride in the service we provide to our community. Sometimes, there is a legitimate question or inquiry regarding what an officer did, our policies, or why an officer did or did not take a particular action. Often times, an explanation by a supervisor can resolve most of these questions, so the first step is to contact the department and ask to speak with the officer’s supervisor. If that does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, the supervisor will arrange for you to complete a written complaint form outlining the specifics of your complaint.

Once the complaint is filed you will be informed of the process that will follow. You will also be kept informed as the process progresses. Upon completion of the investigation a report will be forwarded to the Chief of Police for final disposition. Once the report is approved, you will be informed in writing of the outcome of the investigation of your complaint.

If the only complaint is a contention of innocence of a charge without any allegation of misconduct by a sworn officer, you should seek judicial redress through established court procedure. It is a violation of Ohio law to file a false complaint against a police officer (ORC 2921.15).

Complaint forms are available at the police department or may be downloaded via the link below:



How can I commend a member of the Brimfield Police Department?

Just like you, our staff appreciates the positive reinforcement that comes with being recognized for doing a good job.  If you have come into contact with a member of the Brimfield Police Department and feel that the level of service they gave was  quality, please let us know by one of the following methods:

  1. By telephone by calling the police department at 330-673-7716 and speaking to the on-duty supervisor
  2. By email to:
  3. By mail by sending a letter to:  Chief Roy Mosley III, Brimfield Police Department, 1287 Tallmadge Road, Kent, OH.  44240
Can you provide information regarding power outages?

No. The Brimfield Police Department is not notified of this information by utility companies. You will need to contact the individual utility company directly for that specific information. Ohio Edison maintains a 24-hour telephone number (1-888-LIGHTSS) for reporting or inquiring on a power outage.

Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?

Yes!  Like all communities, the Brimfield Police Department depends upon our residents calling to report crimes and suspicious activity, as you are “eyes and ears” out in our community.  In an emergency situation dial 9-1-1. In a non-emergency situation dial 330-677-1234 to report the criminal or suspicious activity.

The Dispatcher will ask you basic questions that will assist responding officers in effectively handling the call.

Why can’t officers resolve or intervene in a civil matter?

Officers generally do not become actively involved in civil disputes, as they are not empowered by state statute to do so. These incidents are best dealt with by contacting a private attorney or the courthouse. However, do not hesitate to call for an officer in any situation if unsure, as he/she may recommend some options available to you.

What can I do about barking dogs?

If the animal appears to be an immediate threat to persons, dial 911. If you believe that the animal is a nuisance, dial 330-677-1234 to report the situation. The Dispatcher will ask you basic questions that will assist the responding officer. The officer will inform the dog owner and attempt to resolve the problem. If the officer is unable to remedy the issue or believes that further investigation is necessary, they will forward the call to the Portage County Dog Warden so that proper action can be sought. Because Brimfield is a township, we do not have a noise ordinance or a barking dog ordinance.

Can I have an officer check a license plate for me?

No. Under state and federal laws it is prohibited for an officer to use law enforcement databases for personal use. The computer systems can only be used as an aid in an investigation, and that information can only be shared with other law enforcement personnel.

How do I obtain a copy of a report?

In Person

Completed and approved reports are generally available within five (5) days following the filing of the report in person at the police department between 7AM-3PM Monday-Friday, holidays excluded.  There is no charge for a copy up through 25 pages.


Completed and approved traffic crash reports are available online through the Ohio Department of Public Safety. Click here to search for your accident report.

Additionally, completed and approved police incident reports may be emailed. Email your request to with specifics (date, time, location, nature of report and report number if known).

To inquire further regarding the availability of a report, please contact an Admin. Asst. between 7AM-3PM Monday-Friday at 330-673-7716.

While most records are open for public viewing, there are some exceptions:

  1. Certain information may be redacted from reports in accordance with current Ohio public records laws.  A good example of this would be social security numbers.
  2. Cases which are currently under active prosecution may not be released by this department.  Requests for copies of these reports shall be referred to the Portage County Prosecutor’s Office for disclosure under “discovery” proceedings in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code.
  3. Cases under active investigation containing sensitive information which if released may jeopardize the successful investigation of the case, or may cause an uncharged suspect to flee, may be withheld.

These are some general guidelines.  Our goal is to release records in the vast majority of requests.

How do I report drug related activity to the authorities?

Help the Brimfield Police Department address the problem of illegal drugs in our area. If you suspect someone is participating in illegal drug activity, please notify the Portage County Drug Task Force at 330-296-8626, or by email at You may remain anonymous if you wish.

A solicitor came to my home today. Are solicitors allowed in Brimfield?

Solicitors in the township are required to obtain a permit issued through the Brimfield Police Department, known as a Transient Vendor permit, by completing an application form. They will need to supply us with a copy of their vendors license (issued through Portage County courts), a certification that they have $100,000 in liability insurance, pay a $75 fee, and provide a copy of their Ohio driver’s license. Once issued, this permit is good for ninety (90) days, and a copy of the approved transient vendor certificate is supplied to the person and also kept on file at BPD.

I need to be fingerprinted for employment or for volunteering. Where is this done?

For civilian background checks, you must use a web based electronic printing system called Webcheck.  This service is available at the Portage County Sheriff’s Department on Infirmary Rd.   You may contact the Sheriff’s Department at 330-296-5100 for the dates/times this fingerprinting service is available there.

How do I obtain a restraining order?

Restraining orders are not issued by law enforcement agencies, and the police department cannot enforce a restraining order by arrest.  Violating a restraining order is a civil matter, and is addressed by filing against the violating party in civil court. Consult with a private attorney regarding obtaining a restraining order.

Temporary Protection Orders (TPO’s) are issued through the Portage County courts for specific instances of Domestic Violence and Stalking.  Civil Protection Orders (CPO’s) are issued following the filing of a petition in the Portage County Domestic Relations Court.  Both of these specific types of court orders may be enforceable by arrest.  Contact Portage County Victim’s Assistance at 330-297-3850 for further information regarding TPO’s and CPO’s

How do I find out about sex offenders in my neighborhood?

Each county sheriff’s department in the state of Ohio maintains an online list of registered sex offenders within their respective county. Click Here to see sex offender records within Portage County and to receive email alert notifications.

What is the grace period for my driver’s license expiration?

There is no “grace” period for your driver’s license.  It expires on the date noted on your driver’s license, and you may be cited for having an expired driver’s license.  You may renew your driver’s license up to 90 days prior to the expiration date.