Wanted Persons


For emergencies, please dial 911.

For all non-emergency requests for service or to file a police report, please contact Dispatch at (330) 677-1234.

To contact members of Brimfield PD at the police department by phone, please call (330) 673-7716.

To report a crime tip to Brimfield PD on a case being investigated, you may email us at:  crimetips@brimfieldpolice.com.  You may remain anonymous if you wish. Please do not use this tip email address to report a crime in progress, or to request a police response.


Chief Roy Mosley        rmosley@brimfieldpolice.com

Capt. Chris Adkins       cadkins@brimfieldpolice.com

Sgt. David Knarr          dknarr@brimfieldpolice.com

Sgt. Matt McCarty        mmccarty@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Steve Gyoker         sgyoker@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Brett Dinkelman      bdinkelman@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Russ Diehl              rdiehl@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Robert Putnam        rputnam@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. John Pettit              jpettit@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Kelly Ryba              kryba@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Michael Rhodes      mrhodes@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Matthew Kennedy    mkennedy@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. James Carrozzi        jcarrozzi@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Emily Ahrens           eahrens@brimfieldpolice.com

Ptl. Shawn Brady           sbrady@brimfieldpolice.com

Admin. Patti Harjung      pharjung@brimfieldpolice.com

Clerk Deb Stasik            dstasik@brimfieldpolice.com